Who We Are

The Capital PTBO is a family business, founded by Mark and Justin Million, who grew up in Peterborough on a small dead-end street that facilitated many road hockey, baseball, and basketball games. We have not at all forgotten where we come from, and we aim to provide a level of customer service in our store that will hopefully inspire more folks in our community to participate in whatever way they can to growing and supporting sports in our community, and abroad.

If you have visited us at 370 George Street in downtown Peterborough, you will quickly find that that we have a passion for local sports history, and we are knowledgeable and passionate about sport of all kinds. 

Mark is a fan of all sport, whereas Justin may be the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs fan you’ll find in our fair city. But, bigger than their love of sport is their pride in being a new and enthusiastic part of the historic community of downtown Peterborough. 

We encourage you to visit us in store to have a chat about sports, but also just to create more connections in our community. We want to be here for years to come, and we need your input and patronage to make that happen. Let’s support each other, like good working communities do. 

See you downtown!


Mark Million, Justin Million

The Capital PTBO